My Legs Hurt When I Lay Down To Go To Sleep? Why Do Thay Hurt?


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The occurrence of pain in the legs when lying down can be the result of a number of causes. As a rule, the type and intensity of pain experienced helps to establish what may be the reason.

A dull, aching sensation may be simply a result of an unsuitable sleeping position and can often be alleviated by slightly raising the legs or changing positions until the most comfortable position is found.

Minor muscle aches or strains incurred during exercising or prolonged standing/walking can also lead to this type of ache. A warm bath before bedtime may help, as will a gentle massage with clary sage or ginger essential oil diluted well with a suitable carrier oil.

Stinging sensations accompanied by numbness and/or pins and needles may be caused by a trapped nerve, bad circulation or a neurological condition and if symptoms persist, a doctor should be consulted to determine the correct cause and initiate appropriate treatment.

Cramps, acute pain frequently affecting the legs from the ankle up through the calves, may be a sign of a deficiency in magnesium.

Immediate relief can be achieved through massaging the affected area with lavender, mandarin or eucalyptus oil diluted in sufficient quantities of carrier oil.

Clary sage and eucalyptus oils should, however, be avoided completely during pregnancy, while lavender needs to be avoided during the first three months of pregnancy only and is safe thereafter.

In the long term, vitamin supplements containing magnesium may prove helpful. In case of frequently recurring, persistent cramps, it is again advisable to seek medical advice.

Aching legs may seem to be a minor complaint, but as the cause could be a much more serious problem, it is definitely better to get it checked out as soon as possible, especially if symptoms appear to be worsening.
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Could be poor circulation in your legs. My legs hurt and it could be the parkinsons I have so go tp a vascular doctor and get tested

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