Is It OK To Wear Your Contacts With An Eyelid Sty?


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A sty on the eye can have several causes. Some of the most important ones are poor eyelid hygiene, carelessness while removing makeup, outdated cosmetics and inflammation on the eyelid.

When you have a sty, it is important to get a treatment if it doesn’t disappear in some days. If you have a sty, it is very important to be careful about eye hygiene. It is highly recommended that contact lenses should not be used until the sty is treated and disappears. You should also avoid applying eye-make up and should not touch the eyelid, as all these things can cause infection.

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I did, depends on what is causing the sty.... This is really a question to ask your eye doctor. I used table salt without iodide dissolved in hot water and applied it to my sty and it went away in a day.

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