How Can Osteoporosis Be Prevented And Controlled?


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First of all to control Osteoporosis you need to know you RDA or recomended daily allowances for Calcium established by our Federal Goverment.In fact these are published for all nutrients and many of us do not know these charts exist or understand them. The RDA for calcium is 1600 mg per day over  the age of 45. It is lower if you are younger and the amount of calcium needed goes up. As you age Ninety, (90%) of us do not meet the RDA daily in food or in a supplement.. Phosomax the drug of choice for Osteoporosis has been recalled. You need calcium to build bones. All these studies started with NASA as these folks lost bone mass in space without gravity. So you need to do gravity resistant exercises too.Weightlfting, running, pushups and pull ups along with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D supplementation. All 3 of these nutrients should be included with the calcium. You can get a bone scan to detrtmine how old your bones are for your age.
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Fosamax Generic not only helps prevent the loss of bone but actually helps to rebuild bone and makes bone less likely to fracture. Thus, it also reverses the progression of osteoporosis. In Paget's disease, Fosamax Generic  slows down bone resorption, which allows the bone-forming cells time to rebuild normal bone.

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Regular exercise and use of adequate amount of calcium and vitamin D can be helpful in preventing this condition. For details,visit osteoporosis.

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