Can A Person Be Admitted To A Mental Hospital Without Their Knowledge Or The Permission Of A Family Member And No Testing Or Screening Being Done? I Have A Weird Situation Here I Guess.


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You can only be committed to a hospital by a judge acting on the advice of a physician.
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I agree with toasts answer.  If there is a mental condition then someone may have power of attorney over that person and can place them in a mental hospital for testing, etc.  Or a judge or a physician can also.  It depends on the mental condition and how severe it is I guess.  Good luck.
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My fiance was admitted to this institution while she was asleep there. She was actually there helping a rape victim because that is what she does for a living. She was very tired so the charge nurse told her to go sleep in this empty room before leaving for a long drive home. When she woke up she had been admitted. That was a week ago. She has no mental issues at all. Its a bad thing and there is going to be a lawsuit over it.
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Sounds like you have grounds for a solid case indeed! In my state (Indiana) a person can be admitted against their will for a maximum of 72 hours for observation. A physician-psychiatrist evaluates and based on that recommendation can show proof the person is either dangerous to himself/herself or to others will the admission continue.

To be detained for a week without any evaluation sounds like an old script for a movie!
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Can I have my spouse admitted to a mental institution  for my children and my protection-as well as his trying to take his own life?

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