Abdominal Hysterectomy 7 Months Ago Now Lots Of Pelvic Pain, Why?


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This could be caused by a couple of things, including scar tissue in the surgical area.  If you did not have your ovaries and tubes out, you could have something like a cyst, or endometriosis could've spread to them before or during the operation.  I had both of those and had to have a 2nd surgery to remove the tubes and varies 9 months after the uterus was out.  Please go to your gyne soon and see what is up. God bless
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Hey.you might need to go back to the doctor and ask him why are you having lots of pain and he should be able to tell you why.I haven't had one but my other and two sisters have. Check with your doctor.be bless japeace
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I have been back to gp had ultrasound didn't show anything but the pain still there sex is even getting painful I kept both ovaries
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Well I'll pray for you now Father in the name of your Son Jesus I pray that you will bless Jazzp and touch her body In the name Jesus heal her and take away her pain I know that you are a healer because you have healed and deliver me many times and I pray that you do it now in Jesus name we thank you for right now we agree with your word that by your stripes we are healed in Jesus name amen.Prayers work just trust in the Lord and believe it japeace

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