Can Sushi Cause A Gallbladder Attack?


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Having a gallbladder attack is indisputedly an uncomfortable experience, so anyone that is having trouble with their gallbladder would do well to research lifestyle changes they might be able to implement to better manage their condition. Often times the intense pain caused by a gallbladder attack can prompt a sufferer to opt for a surgical solution; but actually ammending things like dietary intake can go a long way to control their condition.

Sushi is a cuisine that is viewed very positivly by the health conscience diner looking for a nutrient rich, low-calorie diet. However, there is also much skepticism towards the consuming of raw products such as fish, or the use of unusual ingredients like Ikura (salmon roe).

Therefore, anyone concerned about their gallbladder would be justified in doing some research to find out whether sushi is a safe option for them. 

What is a gallbladder attack?

I guess the first thing we need to establish is what a gallbladder attack is in the first place. Gallbladder problems occur when bile in the gallbladder crystalizes to form a 'stone' that can block the neck of the gallbladder, or travel down the bile duct twoards the small intestine. It can also be caused by any blockage in the gallbladder preventing the release of bile, cusing the organ to swell up in fullness. A third possible cause of a gallbladder attack as inflamation the gallbladder due to infection.

Will eating sushi trigger an attack?

Whilst there are numerous causes that can contribute to gallbladder problems, diet is certainly one that can exasperate the situation. Further more, dietary changes are usually very easily to implement and so make a great starting point in the battle against gallbladder attacks.

As far as sushi is concerned, there's nothing to suggest that eating sushi is particularly likely to trigger any problems with the gallbladder. In fact the omega 3 in raw fish like salmon and tuna is decidedly beneficial for the condition! The only thing to look out for would be types of sushi rolls that might contain egg, deep fried ingredients or excessive amounts of gluten.

The main things to stay away from when suffering from gallbladder attacks is fried or fatty food, cream and ice-cream, soda and sugary soft drinks among others. The best thing you can do is to speak directly to your healthcare provider or a dietitian, and come up with a healthy list of food you can enjoy without worrying about excruciating gallbladder attacks.

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Yes. If the Sushi is fatty. Gallbladder's role is to perform saponification on greasy foods and fats. Bile acts like soap to get rid of the oil. So a gallbladder that is vulnerable or has stones will give you pain in the upper right quadrant. If you push on the upper right side of your abdomen, hold it in, then release very quickly and you get a sharp pain, the you probably have gallstones or an inflamed gallbladder. It needs to be evaluated quickly.

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