How Long Does A Gallbladder Attack Last?


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  • How long does a gallbladder attack last?
The answer to how long can a gall bladder attack can last for is anything from 20 minutes up to a couple of hours. It will very from person to person but the average is the amount above although it is possible to have gall bladder attacks for longer.

However, a good way of keeping gall bladder attacks is to seek help and treatment from your local doctor or gp. If you don't seek treatment it is likely that the gall bladder attacks will become more frequent and more painful so it is a good idea to get something to help and ease the pain.

  • A gallbladder attack
A gall bladder attack usually starts as a severe and steady pain in the upper abdomen. This can get gradually worse as time goes on and the pain from the attack can even spread to other areas of the body such as your shoulder or shoulder blades and can cause nausea. Gall bladder attacks are very unpredictable and the spaces between the attacks can be anything from a week to a couple of years depending on whether you are receiving treatment for this.

If you are not receiving treatment for these it is reccommended you seek professional advice and get treatment as the words above is not professional advice so if you are ever in doubt about your health then always seek professional advice by speaking to your doctor so that you are properly informed.
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You need your gallbladder although everyone acts as if you do not.  It secretes bile among many other functions.  Add apple cider vinegar to your food or lime/lemon juice to your food, especially if you eat greasy foods.  Best long term cure?  Cut out greasy, fried, buttery foods if they are part of your diet.  I wish you good health!  Grace RN

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