Can Stress Trigger A Gallbladder Attack?


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Once it gets to a certain point, a gallbladder attack can be triggered by a squirrel fart in the back yard. (that was crude humor, I know) The short answer is yes, stress can trigger a gallbladder attack. The real question here is, what to do about gallbladder attacks? Well, you can cut out the offending organ (I went this route, and regretted it ever since) or you can do a complete system cleanse, like Colonix or the Master Cleanse Diet (the Beyonce diet) These clear toxins out of your body, and free up your gall bladder to evacuate. Once that happens completely, you can change your diet, and probably never experience another attack. (And STILL have your gallbladder!)
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Thank you soooo much! I now understand the relationship between strees and a gallbladder attack.
Best answer so far for me.
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Yes definitely boils can be caused by stress or anxiety. It is a fact proven by scientific research. I would recommend you to try calming her down by showing positive attitude. So that she can adopt one as well.
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Problems with gall bladder are usually more than just stress. If a person is overweight, this could be one, or recently had children.  If added pressure can cause an infection in the uninary tract, and if left untreated will cause gall bladder problems.  It is usually infection of some kind and can be flushed out. If problem is severe, have it checked out by a doctor, there may surgery involved, but that is only in severe cases, usually antibiotic will help.  Had a friend who  was taking too much tylenol with codeine and she was quite heavy set. So there can be many factors
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I also want to know this...because I have been getting boils on my face on my jaw line on both sides of my face and they come and go....I also have anxiety but I thought it was from my allergy to fake jewelry because its close to my ears....I don't know...I hope someone can answer this for me

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