How Dangerous Is It If My Pancreas Is Not Working?


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Very Dangerous.  The Pancreas produces the insulin your body needs to control your blood sugar levels.   Talk to your doctor about it and she may want to run some tests including the one for diabetes(sp?).
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My husband is a diabetic and the doctor called @ 9:30 last nite and told us that his pancreas was not working.
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A friend of mine had his pancreas removed several years ago which caused him to be a diabetic. So, I know you CAN live w/o it but you will be insulin dependant for the rest of your life.
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You will  be in a great deal of danger of dying if your pancreas is not working. People really can't live without it, and they cannot transplant it. Please make sure that if you are under a doctors care, that you follow everything he/she tells you to do. Good luck to you, hope this helps.

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