What is atrophy of the pancreas ? Is it dangerous? Is their any treatment for it


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The pancreas has many functions but its most known function is: Supplying our blood with insulin which helps to pick up the sugar that is already in our blood.  Atrophy of the pancreas means 'damaged' pancreas and many, many practices can damage one's pancreas, such as alcohol abuse, high levels of stress regularly and anger...but, it can be repaired, transplanted and if it fails all together, you can shoot insulin into yourself subcutaneously. 
Yes, it is dangerous in that our 'brains' live on sugar mostly, not water..your brain needs: Glucose!!.  You must eat 'proteins' regularly, don't ever go hungry and check your blood sugar at the doctor so you can have an idea of how 'bad' the atrophy is..don't abuse alcohol, don't make yourself go hungry, like, EVER and try not to stress yourself out too much.  All these things and more overwork the pancreas.  Eat peanuts or any nuts if you can to keep a steady supply of new 'sugar' in your blood, get sufficient rest, forgive, stay or become organized and drink plenty of water daily.  I hope this helps.
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"Atrophy" means shrinkage, and so in this case, it means the pancreas have shrunk or gotten smaller.  Shrinkage can occur as a result of disease, malfunction, or malnourishment to tissue.
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Decrease or loss of function of pancreas is called atrophy of pancreas. This condition can leads to diabetes. Use of insulin can be the treatment option.

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