I Have Lower Right Abdominal Pain, If It's The Appendix, Does The Pain Come & Go?


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If it is the appendix this is a good way to find out. Lye down and apply pressure to the area and then release the pressure. If it feels like you are literally being stabbed to death in that area (agonizing pain) it is most likely the appendix.  
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Appendicitis is most likely to occur in teenagers and young adults and it is more frequent in males. It usually starts out with intermittent pain in the mid-abdomen. It is characterized by vomiting, a fever of 99 to 102 degrees, an elevated white count, rebound tenderness( which the previous answer addressed)  My son had snuck out of school one day and went to Burger King for a snack.  He called me and told me he thought he had been poisoned! I asked him what he was doing at Burger King and he said I should be upset at them, not him,  because they were the one's who poisoned him. Fortunately, I'm a Nurse and his case was pretty obvious.  He had a hot appendix and was operated on the following morning. If you think this is what you have, you need to be seen by a Doctor as soon as possible.  Good luck.

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