Painful Knee When Kneeling, Looks Bruised, What Could It Be,any Ideas?


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A common diagnosis for knee pain is Knee Bursitis. This condition generally causes pain when the injured person is kneeling and occurs commonly when a person kneels for prolonged periods of time. Unlike arthritis, which is inflammation of the knee joint, Bursitis is only really painful whilst kneeling and, although there may be some stiffness when walking, most of the range of movement in the knee should be preserved as opposed to serious difficulties in the case of arthritis. If the symptoms are more severe and have an effect at times other than just kneeling, it is possible that it could be arthritis.
     Bursitis is the inflammation of a fluid-filled sack, individually called a Bursa, which covers the kneecap bone. The fluid in the Bursa provides a gliding surface, which reduces friction in tissues in the body. The Bursa is attached to the tendon connected to the kneecap decreasing friction in this area. As has been stated this is generally caused by kneeling for long periods of time. The inflammation can cause swelling, warmth and redness in the skin overlaying the knee. This could conceivably attribute to bruising on the skin. A more severe form of Bursitis exists known as Prepatellar Bursitis. This is when the Bursa fills with blood from an injury. If bacteria then gets into the Bursa fever can occur. Infection normally occurs from breaks in the overlying skin of the knee or from puncture wounds in the same area.
     Bursitis can be treated by removing the Bursa fluid with a syringe. This procedure is known as Aspiration. This may be used in conjunction with an injection of cortisone to the swollen Bursa. Other treatments include ice compresses, anti-inflammatory and pain medications and rest. In the case of Prepatellar Bursitis analysis of the infected fluid may be necessary and then specific treatment using antibiotics is required.
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Lately when kneeling, can't put pressure on left knee, gets a burning pain in the left side of knee
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If the pain seems to be more centrally located or in back of the knee, this could be some sort of rotational issue or maybe there’s something amiss with the alignment of the upper and lower legs. Both of these issues will create pressure on the meniscus, which squeezes the nerves and results in pain.

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