Age 5. Blood Test Shows WBC 14.16K/UL With Neutrophil 8.5K/UL And HB12g/dl. What Could It Be?


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White blood cells fight against infection and are part of immune system. Normal levels of WBC are 4.3-10.8. An increase in count can be due to infection, allergy and rheumatoid arthritis. Your son's WBC levels (14.16) can be high due to one of the above reason. Neutrophils are one of types of WBC and they fight against infection especially bacterial infection. Their normal range is 1.5-8.  Your son's levels of neutrophil are slightly elevated which can be due to bacterial infection. His hemoglobin levels are slightly reduced.So, your son is either having an infection, allergy or rheumatoid arthritis. Your doctor is best judge to decide what he is having.

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