High WBC In Blood Tests Of An Infant And Sometimes Blood In Stools And Pain When Pooping (can Be Constipated Or Soft), Very Small For Her Age, Very Pale, What To Do?


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Hello, My baby is 1 year & 3 months old who is also having a high WBC count and Lactose Intolerance. Her condition was detected as early when she was born. She was given a 7 day treatment before I can bring her home. Having a viral infections triggers her health condition all the time that's why I normally bring her to the doctor and obtain different laboratory tests to monitor her WBC count. This kind of health problems cannot be detected in physical looks because she is very PD in playing as well as she eats very well. I can only detect when she is restless at night and used to cry and her color changed. Her PD tell me to feed her with soya milk instead of cow's milk and don't forget to watch over her food. Try to search in the internet the list of foods that need to eat and the list of food that you should not give her. But better consult a doctor before feeding her. God bless you.
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My son age 41/2 has chest infection and cold for last 20 days
our doctor prescribed blood test and it shows wbc count of 12700
is it a bad case?does it points to some disease?

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