How Long Does Lice Take To Show?


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Straight away they cause itching and you should see them crawling throw the hair,comb it with a headlice comb
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The word ice is the plural form of the singular word louse. The term louse is defined as a very small parasitic insect which does not have wings. It lives among the hair on the heads of people, mainly on those of young children. They feed on extremely small amounts of blood which they draw from the scalp.

Children are usually affected by lice when they are very young, that is between the ages of three years and twelve years. Girls are more likely to be affected with lice than boys. Lice are not dangerous and they do not spread disease. However, they are highly contagious.

The bites of lice may cause the scalps of the children who are affected with lice to become itchy and get inflamed. When the scratching becomes persistent, it leads to the irritation of the skin and may also lead to the spread of infection.
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Initially you only have a few to start with. Because they jump from area to area. Unless you layed on an infested area for a prolonged time, you probably wouldn't see for a few days. It's best to have someone else comb thru your hair for you. If need to be, remember to treat your home along with your hair.

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