How Many Days Does It Take For Head Lice Eggs To Hatch?


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About 10 days to won't scratch for up to a month though....suggested treatment is shampoo made for lice infestation and repeat process in about 7 days.  Shampoos available at pharmacy's over the counter.  Lice are tiny grey/brown about the size of a sesame seed...can't live away from hair.  Nits are the hatched eggs left in hair and are a bit difficult to get out.  Lice passed from head to head contact.
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I'm for ever treating my daughters hair, once treated, you must do again 7 days because you may have missed them ? They can take 7 to 10 days to hatch, to help control them I place tea tree oil in a spray bottle and spray my daughters hair every day  they don't like the smell, it seems to help, or you can put it straight on with a cotton bud around the hair line and tie back, even for short hair.
Hair spray and hair gel also works.
Good luck I hope this helps you out?
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3 to 5 days
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The head lice are ectoparasite of human. They live on human scalp throughout life and depend totally on human blood for food. The head lice are different from pubic and body lice. The female lays egg and these eggs are attached to the hair shaft by the glue like material secreted by female. The hatching period of head lice is 6-9 days. After which the baby lice produced. For more details, visit, head lice.
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