Can MRSA Be Spread Though Sexual Contact? Also, My Mother Has Lung Cancer, Is That A Danger For Her?


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MRSA or Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus are bacteria which cause infection on skin and rarely systemic. These can be acquired from hospital and community. These bacteria are not transmitted through sexual fluids during sex but can be transmitted by skin to skin contact with affected person during sex. If you have MRSA wound and your partner has any cut or broken skin then transmission of MRSA during sex is possible.
MRSA infection can not increase the intensity of lung cancer. But if your mom has any cut/wound/abscess/broken skin then chances of getting MRSA are high if she touch your wounds or contaminated objects like towel, tables, chairs etc.
If your mother has any open wound then ask her to stay away from you and other suspected objects at home.

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Probably would be a good idea to stay away for a while. When I worked in the ER, we had to wear these huge ventilated hoods when working on MRSA patients...its a dangerous thing to be around if your already sick:(

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