Is Staph Infection Of The Skin Transmitted Through Intercourse?


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The staph or staphylococcus infection can be hospital and community acquired. For transmission, it require skin to skin contact. It can not be transmitted through sexual fluids. There is chance if you came on contact with the lesion of a person with staph infection during sex.
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It is through skin to skin contact. Or infection to say shopping cart. Then someone else skin contacts the same area the staph on the shopping cart is on. Now they have it. Be sure to have a doctor do a culture to make sure it's not MRSA. Must have a proper antibiotic to rid of it and make sure you take all the medication to treat it. Also, excellent hygiene. Wash wash wash anytime it's touched. MRSA is a staph infection that gets used to an antibiotic and then that antibiotic will not effect it. So its important that it gets check out and prescribed a antidotic its not used to. Also, a lot of doctors are not aware of MRSA so make sure you inform your doctor, and have them look it up while you are there!!!!

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