Does MRSA Ever Go Away And Can You Live A Normal Life With Your Family Without Being So Cautious About Everything You Touch. Can You Still Be Sexual With Your Husband And Kiss Your Kids Without Any Worries?


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Hi, I'm a MRSA carrier and had spider bite like infections 3 times. Just some fyi, hope it helps. Def get the culture test to find out WHICH antibody is the one that kills your MRSA, any other med would be useless and it will come back,. ALSO use the prescription anti microbial cream in your nose 2 or 3 times a day. AND under your finger nails. Remember to wash your hands before and after your fingers are near your would or in your nose. Just wash them a lot with good antimicrobial soap. You can leave the cream under your nails. I keep the bathroom very clean, I don't share towels or personal stuff..... But I touch my wife and have sex with her everyday. Her ,my daughter and I  share the same bathroom and they have never had MRSA. I think the important thing is to not spread the fluid of the wound(s) to others ( or yourself ) , and cover your nose for sneezing and coughing, as the bug resides in your nose ( and under finger nails ) that's why the MRSA cream in your nose.  Also your partner can shower after intimacy for added precaution.  I know how you feel being a carrier, it sucks, but remember that MRSA is everywhere and people can catch this just from touching a door knob at work, from the gym, or having a co worker sneeze on something they touch. You should not feel like a hazard and don't be afraid to love your loved ones. Here is a link to a good pdf book >
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Sorry to ask.. But I just needed some info.. I recently started dating someone who is a mrsa carrier.. We haven't been intimate yet.. I am very nervous bc I have 2 kids that live in my house.. You said that you and your wife have sex everyday.. Is it unprotected?? I'm afraid to contracted it thru the fluids with oral and reg sex.. Can u give some tips on how to be safe?
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Although I am not a doctor, her is what I know, hope it helps.
We are currently battling our 2nd round of MRSA with my son, he is 1, had it the first time at 10 months. He currently is on Bactrim and Bactroban cream. He has sores covering his bottom, stomach and chest. I kiss and love on him everyday, no one else in our family has contracted MRSA from him, I have 3 other children. Basically, we keep his infected area covered, and our physician has instructed that we wash our hands more frequently. Some people actually carry the MRSA but are never affected, currently we are all being tested to see if someone in the house is a carrier to prevent further outbreaks. But basically to answer your question, I think as long as you keep your incision place covered and do not touch it without washing your hands and then touching other family members, you will be fine. Like I said, we all kiss on the baby and no one else has contracted it along with grandparents etc.. Our peditrician has stated it usually is contracted by contact with open cut or scratch, so you may be extra careful if your kids have cuts, just lots and lots of hand wahing. Good luck, and once your incision area is healed you should be fine.
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MRSA are completely curable with antibiotics like vancomycin. MRSA are present everywhere. These are also present on our skin and inside nose without any harm. Whenever, our skin has cuts, burn or injury, these bacteria can grow and cause infection because these are opportunistic bacteria. So, if you want to protect yourself from MRSA then avoid direct contact with lesions of affected person and contaminated objects. Don't share your personal items like towel, hairbrush, razors and bed sheets etc with anyone. After the treatment MRSA reappear due to new exposure.
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Although I am not a doctor, here is what I know about MRSA. My son is 1yr, and is currently on Bactria for our 2nd round of MRSA. He has sores everywhere across his bottom, stomach and chest area. We keep his sores covered, and are currently treating them with Bactroban cream, I kiss and hug him daily, just remember to wash your hands throughly with soap and water and keep your incision covered and you should be fine. No one else in our family has contracted the MRSA, although we are now being tested to see if someone is a carrier, to prevent further outbreaks in my son. His started with a simple bug bite that got infected and MRSA infection in carried by a lot of people who will never be affected. Mainly our physician recomends that everyone wash their hands more frequently to avoid it from spreading and that if one of the other children have an open cut, or scrape that they cover it and wash after playing with the baby. So far like I said no one else in the family has contracted it from kissing and loving on him, he also had it when he was 9 months old.
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