If You Have Brain Tumour, Can You Hear Ringing Noises Inside Your Ear?


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There are many causes of ringing in the ear (tinnitus). Most people don't realize or know that many over the counter medications can cause it. Taking aspirin or other over the counter pain relievers, especially if you take larger doses or take them every day, can cause ringing in the ears.  Usually once you stop the medicines, the ringing will gradually go away.
There are other nerve conditions and neurological conditions which can cause it, even tmj syndrome caused by grinding your teeth in your sleep can affect the nerve endings running through that area of your head, even a sinus infection or an impacted tooth. We have thousands of nerves in the head an neck and a problem with one area of the body can be reflected in another.
If you have symptoms, go see an eye, ear, nose and throat specialist. If its anything serious, they will refer you to someone else for further evaluation.
Don't assume its something serious or deadly. Most often brain tumors will grow silently until they are large enough to cause seizures or other neurological symptoms first. ( symptoms similar to a stroke, loss of speech, use of a hand, foot or eye.. Ect)
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I sure do believe it would not be unheard of! Think about a brain tumor. It is a growth that is filling an already filled space. As the space becomes smaller and smaller due to crowding from the tumor pressure on the ears, ring! Hummm! Not Stop! Yes!

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