When Does A Brain Tumour Cause Insomnia?


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The medications which are used to treat seizures are likely to cause insomnia in a majority of the cases of people who suffer from brain tumour. A person who has had a seizure must be careful because a seizure could be one of the symptoms of a brain tumour.

Sometimes a person might experience a seizure when he or she undergoes a surgical procedure to remove the tumour in his brain. He or she could experience a seizure when he or she suffers an injury to the head, a stroke, fever or withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or drug withdrawal.

It has been estimated that approximately 60 per cent of all the patients who have a tumour in their brain will experience a seizure at least once during the course of the illness. These could also prove to be helpful to the doctor in the process of detection and treatment of a tumour in the brain of a patient.

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