Can Shaving Cause Irritation On The Vagina And Be Mistaking For Herpes?


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no because herpes is painful and you will have sores.when the hair on the vagina starts to grow back it will itch very bad but you can get vagasil to treat the itch.its best to shave your vaginal area with a shaver,you know like the small ones mens use to trim their facial hair.if you shave with a razor you are more likely to have irritation,and possible infection,and shaving with a razor you run the risk of getting hair bumps. The hair on the vagina is there for a reason that is to catch all germs and bacteria so thy don't enter the vaginal tract
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You're sadly mistaken if you think that pubic hair will "catch" germs and bacteria so that they don't enter the vaginal tract. And the vagina is FAR from sterile, anyway.
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Shaving can cause irritation but never heard of it being mistaken for herpes.. If you think it might be herpes you need to consider seeing a doctor.. But if its just irritation from shaving then you can get hair removal cream to apply and with in 10 mins hair gone lol

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