My Knee Still Feels Swollen And Tight. What Is Wrong? Do I Need To Get A Knee Brace And If So What Kind?


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If you have any medical concerns, whether minor or major, it is always best to seek a doctor in order to determine what is wrong with your knee. Without further details of why your need is swollen and tight in the first place, it is impossible to give an accurate answer of which knee brace you should purchase.

  • Possible Causes
There can be a lot of reasons for your knee to be swollen and feel tight. If you wrenched your knee in some way you could have severely damaged it. There are some highly sensitive sections in your knee such as the meniscus that can be torn with a wrenched knee. If you tore this you may experience pain for the rest of your life, especially if you do not receive proper treatment.

We cannot tell you what is wrong. Only a doctor will be able to feel around your knee, take an image of the knee and find out what truly occurred if you feel or twisted it. Please visit a physician so you can end the pain you may feel and avoid further damage.

When your doctor has determined what is wrong, you should also ask them about your second question. They may suggest a knee brace in which case you can ask them which type will be the best one. On a personal preference a knee brace that you can completely un-Velcro is usually the best option rather than one that slides up the leg. In this way you can adjust it when needed. They may be a little more than the one that slides on, but it is worth it to avoid hurting yourself or being uncomfortable.
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If you have excluded injury to knee then other reasons of knee pain can be overuse or stress to knee, sudden turning, degeneration of bones, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, meniscus tear, tendinitis and lupus. Your problem can be diagnosed by x-rays, CT scan, MRI and blood tests. So, you should visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment to avoid future complication.

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