How to get ride of brown spot?


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Getting rid of brown spots will take time whether you treat them or not. There are many ways to help speed up getting rid of these spots as well as preventing them.
Spots are caused by blocked pores which get clogged up and then bacteria get stuck under the surface and cause the area of skin to inflame and thus cause a spot.
To get rid of spots there are a number of antiseptic creams on the market that will reduce the inflammation and get rid of the bad stuff like the bacteria and germs inside a spot. This will speed up the time a spot takes to disappear.
You can also use toothpaste that has Bicarbonate of Soda, this will dry out and kill the puss inside the spot and speed up the recovery time and make it heal faster.
As with most things, prevention is better than cure and many spots are caused by a bad diet or just by unfortunate circumstances. Puberty as well as a polluted atmosphere and stress can cause skin issues also.
It is also possible to get rid of spots by preventing them, this can be done by eating as many vegetables and fruits as possible. You can also use one of the many scrubs and cleaners for skin on the market to try and help with cleaning skin, unclogging pores and preventing spots on your face.
Getting rid of brown spots can be a mix of prevention and then if the unfortunate should come about a cure. Follow the tips for both prevention and cure above and you should get rid of brown spots.
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Even though they are often called 'liver spots', they are usually only a sign of sun damage at some point in our lives (which becomes much more obvious as we age).  If it is very dark and/or unusually shaped (or changing), or you are very concerned, have a dermatologist look at it. 
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Not necessarily. Age spots are brown, they used to be called liver spots, but are caused by years of exposure to the sun. They can appear as early as 30. I hope this answer helped, if so, please click on a star next to rate this answer, that way I will get credited with answering it, for our competition, thanks so much...*p
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Dermatologist is the best solution ... Home remedies are taking forever ... Use sunblock every time before you go out

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