How would you tell your friends and family you were depressed and were having suicide thoughts?


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pious deepika answered
You should tell other ppl only if they luv you...that much that they can help you...

In case they don't understand you/////  ummm  try to get lost in a new world of new frenz...intersting books and parties...or muzic...or whatever you feel like to...bcz there r mny ppl goin thru the same..... You r not alone...they r wid you :)
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megan clay answered
My cousin just told all of (us and us being his family) that he has suicidal thoughts and now he is being helped, he said that he's really glad that he told us finally. So whatever you do don't keep it a secret, It might be kinda hard but maybe just try to come out and say it. There's not always an easy way to say something but it will turn out or the best if it's just said.
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chika dagpin answered
They'll feel that there's something going on with you.. They'll notice it... When they ask, try to say something even bits... And if they don't notice your depression, try to talk to a friend...  Or, visit a counselor.... You'll be alright soon... Just keep yourself happy.... Don't let yourself down.. Cheer up...
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Michelle Phy answered
You need to talk about it to ppl you know love you & have your best interest at heart. Ppl that are not judgemental. They will need to understand that your not asking for perfect answers just for someone to care, listen & get through this with you. If you feel like maybe you want to talk to someone you don't know at 1st like a doctor do so. Whatever you think is best but know you are somebody & your here for a reason. You are loved.
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Amy Evins answered
That's how I've felt for the past three years, and I never told anyone.
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Chanelle Dalby answered

I have major depression with no medical disease. I am suicidal and I cut myself and threaten to kill my brother, mom, ect. I told my mother when I was in the hardest time of my life... 

My dad missed my birthday for work, my moms an alcoholic and she has a dead-beat boyfriend. I am popular in school but I am extremely shy and over weight which makes me popular for the boys but not the girls. I never really talk, only to people on Facebook, 

Anyway you can tell them one by one when you're in a calm mood. Just say you're suicidal than if they ask why tell them why. Don't give up. You're not alone...

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Ruth Campbell answered
I definitely think you should tell them.  They will try to help you.  Don't be afraid!
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Charice Miller answered
I guess I'd write a letter, it's easier that way... Or you can break it down to them really slowly... Or just go straight out and say it. Whatever suits you best. I hope everything works out:)
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christna answered
Come out and tell them. Be honest. Don't beat around the bush about it. More then likley they wont believe you if you do that. I hope your not having these thoughts. Talk to me if you are please.

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