If you were to commit suicide, how would you do it?


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Kathleen Elizabeth Profile
Overdosing on pills. Its painless
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Alice Liddell
Alice Liddell commented
It isn't painless. even if you attempt to sleep, you will be awoken with pain and vomiting as your body tries to rid itself of the poison
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marie ib answered
First of all its not painless I have od meny times and been in inches of my life ending and every time its very painfull if you wantesd to od sucsesfully take 550 tramadol painkillers they are the most afective way to od as long as your on your own because they take 17 houres to kill you but I have been there and thank god I was found in time seek help if you can because I bet there is at least one person who loves you and would miss you
Willard NOYB Profile
Willard NOYB answered
Have actually wondered about this and although I personally could not take my own life it would be with a gun or pills I'd guess.
The Instigator Profile
The Instigator answered
I'd jump off Donald Trump's wallet.
Bambi Deer Profile
Bambi Deer answered
Knife to the jugular... Kills instantly...  don't do that stupid hanging crap... You get too scared.... Try the pills too... Those r a lil less painful
Michael John Profile
Michael John answered
It would probably be jumping off a bridge
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Stevie Pike
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Yeah it's painless, it's just a rush, and before you even touch the ground, you faint. So, no pain.
Probably one of the quickest and painless ways of commiting suicide.
Haley Cook Profile
Haley Cook answered
I don't know exactly, but probably something quick like shooting myself between the eyes or something.

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