Is There Any Cure For A Dead Nail?


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The most likely causes of nails 'dying' are through a fungal infection which can cause the nails to discolour, grow thick, crumble and eventually fall off, or through an injury.

If someone has stamped on your foot, you have managed to jam your toes while playing sports or trapped a fingernail in a car door then you might find the nail falls off, usually after turning black due to bleeding that occurs under the nail.

In both cases the nail will grow back, so it isn't really anything to worry about, be aware that trying to cure dead matter is a bit of a fool's errand so perhaps it's best just to let the nail run its course and grow back.

With a fungal infection however, there is a good likelihood that when the nail grows back it will have similar issues to before until you address the underlying issue. You should see a doctor or chiropodist about this as they may be able to give you some sort of foot bath or lotion to use in clearing up the infection. For injuries I can only suggest steel capped boots and padded socks!
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Now this is a trick question, because all nails are strictly speaking "dead".  If the nail has a fungal infection - white, yellow or brown streaks running from tip to cuticle- there are lots of paints you can get from a pharmacy for it.  If the nail has bled underneath, and is therefore now red or black looking, then there is nothing to do but wait for it to grow out.
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Well not really because as the cells are dead it means that the cells can not react, cure or change when it is dead. Does that help?

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