Why Do Alcoholics Walk Away From The Family They Love?


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To answer this question I'd suggest you look as alcoholism for what it is: A disease. As a disease, the condition needs to be treated.

Alcoholics almost lose control. Their behaviour itself changes. Sometimes they suffer severe behavioural problems, and they may even lose concern for the very people they used to love and care about.

The social problems which stem from alcohol abuse can be drastic, with the behaviour of alcoholics often becoming self-gratifying and narcissistic.

The effects of alcoholism Alcoholics can outright refuse to seek help and might appear unbothered by who they hurt.
But the truth is that, once alcohol has entered their system, they are often unable to handle the effects that alcohol has on them- and this can result in very destructive behavior.

Once they sober up, alcoholics often suffer remorse and beg for forgiveness, but many promptly relapse.

Unfortunately this is a common cycle.

The behavior of alcoholics
The behavior of alcoholics is often shocking and very concerning. Domestic violence is often linked to alcoholism, and so is sexual harassment.

Alcoholics frequently make unreasonable and aggressive demands, and are known for draining family finances. Also, the children of people with drinking problems often suffer long-term effects.

Despite how horrible alcoholism might be- please remember there is hope. Most notably, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is well-known for helping such people recover.
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Alcoholics love nothing or no one more than their beer, and If they can find someone who will let them stay drunk, they will be gone like the wind.

Faster than the wind can blow!
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I have heard that alcoholism is a disease.
I also heard that we should be finding ways to help them quit, but I think it is a waste of time.

It must be so much fun having no responsibility, drinking, and having parties every night- why would they want to quit?
A few drinks and they don't need to worry or care about anything.

So why waste you time trying to stop someone from having the time of their life?
The only thing to do is take care of the kids, and get them away from the drinker.

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