Why Do Alcoholics Have Affairs?


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Remember that alcoholism is a disease. The worst part is that, not only the alcoholic but also his family and friends are likely to bear the brunt of alcoholism. It can wreck marriages, scar children and ruin lives. An alcoholic is essentially a complete stranger to the feelings as well as emotions of his own people. It typically leads to selfish and self gratifying behaviours. Thus, the likelihood affairs increase. The alcoholic could be bothered about his family wants or even what they expect.

Be warned that if unchecked situations of domestic violence as well as sexual harassment in addition to unreasonable demands may ensue. If children are involved, effects could be devastating. This disease is solely accountable for more family problems as compared to any other single cause.

Alcoholism also adversely affects the basic budget of a family.
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Because when you are drunk ugly people seem attractive and because the ugly people have never got laid, they're up for it, and the drunk people have no clue what's going on, they're up for it too.

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