Will Your Back Hurt If There Is Something Wrong With Your Kidneys?


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I don't know. Last yr my doctor assumed I had a uti but he didnt culture my urine so he didnt know for sure, but ever since the antibiotics my middle back and left and right side hurt. Also if I lean over my back gets really stiff and doesnt want to go back up. I'm scared to death that my kidneys are bad and I'm just blowing it off.. Lol any help? Anyone with same experiences?
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Yes, typically your lower back. An increase or decrease in the amount of urine you produce will also be a telltale. If you urine is a weird color also tells you you need to see a doctor. Try cranberry juice... It helps my GF.
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It can, but it will also hurt if you have a pulled muscle. If you think that you have something going on with you, I really think that you should go and see the doctor, or go to the e.r. Hope this helps, best of luck to you.

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