I'm Experiencing Sharp Stabbing Pain In Lower Left Pelvic Area. It Happens Off And On. Sometimes It Grips Me, Catching Me Off Guard And Causes Me To Double Over In Pain. What Can This Be? No Nausea, No Diarrhea, Just Fatigued.


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This could be so many different things. You need to see a doctor to be sure of any medical condition you might have. If you are a woman, and this is happening every month, you could be ovulating. That would explain the fatigue you are experiencing. The best way to help this is to take a pain-killer that contains caffeine and get plenty of rest. Also, drink plenty of water. If it is possible you are pregnant, see a doctor immediately to determine if you are having an ectopic pregnancy.

The most likely cause of your pain is from muscle strain from repetitive movement. Certain muscles in your pelvic area are easily strained. If you perform the same movement on a regular basis, you will continue to strain your muscle. This will make the pain chronic. If you do perform regular movements such as bending, lifting heavy objects, play sports, or dance, you could be straining your muscles. Try taking a break from strenuous activity for a week to see if your condition improves. Also, muscle pain can be alleviated with ibuprofen or aspirin. If the pain continues to remain severe, see a doctor and explain the situation.

There are more serious conditions that might be occurring, but these are rare. Kidney stones cause a sudden pain in the left side of your pelvic area. The severity of pain is one of the worst that a person can experience. It has been compared to the pain a woman experiences when giving birth.  You could be experiencing an infection in the left kidney, bowel obstruction, bladder infection, IBS, or Crohn’s Disease. IBS and Crohn’s Disease are serious and chronic illnesses. Any time you have a sudden attack of pain, you ought to see a doctor. It might not be serious, but this is the type of pain that should be investigated further.
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If it is on your right side, go get checked out asap from your local hospital.  If it is not your appendix at least they can out rule it and tell you what it is. 
If it is on your left side it could be many different things.  Have you tried taking some extra strengh tylenol, or motrin, or midol?  These may help.  It could be caused by hormones, or over exerting yourself, stress, it could be pluracy, there are a few things it could be.  If medicine does not help, try taking a warm bath, use a heating pad or rice bag on the spot. 
I miscarried a few years ago, and had this type of pain.  I have also had cysts, and endometriosis that cause pain like this too.  The above is what helped me.  Not much you can do about it.  If it gets to painful or is on your right side especially if it don't get better see a doctor.  Take care.
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Answer to Sharp stabbing pain in Lower left pelvic area.

It can be as follow.
If`this is the only symptom you have it can be Cysts filled with fluid, if so, the pain could persist and become more frequent.  An ultra-sound should be performed. X-ray in this case is useless.

It can be endometriosis or hyper plasia and a number of other female conditions.
It could also be an inection. So firts consult your ginecologist and make sure he gives you proper diagnostic and treatment. In gynecology, a lot of conditions can be fixed with medication

Now this could also be caused by other conditions. If this gynecological consultation does not solve your problem, make sure this gynecologist refer you to other professionnals. Gastroenterology, general surgery and get a CT-Scan.
I am answering according to the information in these 3 lines your provided, which is not much to go on. For example you did not mention if you had previous surgeries. Surgical adhesions are a main cause of pelvic and abdominal pain.  You should get a full assessment to narrow it down to the most probable cause.

Good luck
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This exact thing is happening to me. I have known that i have ovarian cyst since i was 18. They are uncomfortable when they burst. However. I have 2 children and last summer i had mirena put in. It seems like ever since then they severity and frequency of this pain is growing. I had an episode to day in front of my husband. I am sure he thinks i am crazy but i wanted him to actually see it happen. The sharp pain starts on left side but one spot always in between my legs like i am being stabbed
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You should go to the hospital as soon as you can, the appendix is on the right side, and it doesn't take long to make you very ill if it ruptures. If you develop a sudden fever and a large amount of pain on that side, I would call an ambulance. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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It could be numerous things, but yes, the appendix is situated on that side.
Do you have other symptoms?
I would go to the doctor for a check up. If it is the appendix, he can make a more educated diagnosis.
Try not to stress too much before you go. But go as soon as possible, just for peace of mind.
Hope you feel better soon.
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You really do need to get more medical attention for this.  There are way too many things that sound like they've been hurt and may have been harmed in the accident.  Although the tests showed that basically nothing was wrong, the fact that you're having all this pain may be a sign that what initially didn't show up on the tests is now becoming a problem for you.  Please consider making another appointment, perhaps with a different doctor, and have this checked out.  I sincerely hope that nothing serious is wrong, and that the pain you're experiencing may be from healing from the accident.  Please let us know how you fare.
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I been haveing a sharp stabbing pain in my vaginia area with a discharge clear in color but lot of it a few months ago I was told I had a lot of Ovarian Cysts I have had my tubes cliped tied in burnt 2 yrs ago I havent had the feeling to have sex so there for I havent had sex in 9 months or longer because I have been hurting down there a lot someone please tell me what signs there are to ovarian cancer
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If it's on the right side, it can be, and you need to go to the doctors as soon as you can, because you will be in real trouble if it bursts. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I just started getting teh same thing.  It's kind of rhythmic in nature for me; comes like very 40 seconds or so.  It's located like two inches to the right of the bottom of my jimmy.  I pinched the skin and I felt exactly what it  as that was injured or sprained or (god forbid) growing!  It didn't feel too much like it  as a growth in comparison to the other side, but it's definitely that vein/artery/whatever it is that is causing the pain.  That first response is funny to me because I was thinking the same thing; like it was a cancer or somethign in my fallopian tube! (if I had one) Anyway, hope this helps you or others . By no means does mine happen offguard or cause me unbearable pain.  Hopefully it doesn't elevate to that.  For now, I'm just going to keep an eye on my blood sugar (type 1 diabetes), get std tested if need be, drink water, etc. Is that how yours started?
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Depending on the side.  I believe your appendix is on that side.  If the pain becomes really bad, get it looked at by a doctor or go to the hospital.  At least maybe call a nurse.  You don't want your appendix to burst.
Also, pelvic pain can be caused by several things.  You may have an onset of endometriosis.  Which is extremely painful, and you can't do much about.  There are many reasons, I would get it checked on by your doctor to out rule anything serious.  Good luck.
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I wish you had said if you are a woman or not, because it sounds like something that has to do with the female organs. I am sorry if you are not a female. I hope that you go and see a doctor for this soon. Good luck to you.

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