Can Heartburn And Diarrhea Be Linked Together And Be A Bigger Problem?


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These two problems are inter-related. Many experts think that diarrhea is caused when you use medicines to cure heartburn. Such medicines normally contain magnesium compounds, which are the reason behind diarrhea.
So first of all, check the ingridients of your medicine. If it contains magnesium compounds, then stop using it.
To cure heartburn, change your eating habits.
Do not use tomatoes, onions and  garlic in your food.
Avoid hot, spicy, citrus, fatty and fried foods.
Stay away from alchohol.
Stop eating chocolate and coffee for a while.
Moreover, do not eat too quickly.
Never lay down after a big meal.
Control your diet quantity as well.
Chew your food well, because chewing leads to low acid discharge from the walls of the stomach.
I hope it will help you a lot:)
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Or you can forget the medicine, start taking 1 tsp. Of Apple Cider Vinegar a day and be able to eat what you want again! It's the logical solution... And it's natural!

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