What Is The Youngest Age That Can Be Tested For Bipolar Disorder?


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Hi, my son was diagnosed at 8.  There is conflict in the mental health profession that children as young as your child or even younger, can not be diagnosed with bipolar.  Some believe it is used to over or mis diagnose.  To be sure.  There is a wonderful website called.  www.bipolarchild.com Please go to it, They have a questionnaire you can fill out.  Very helpful.  If you discover a lot of what you read in the newsletters  there is close to description of your child and or family, read the bipolar child book.  A married couple writes this book.  They are terrific.  I once emailed them about a problem my son had with a teacher.  They actually e-mailed me back.  I encourage you to check this website out.  And if you find out your child has it.  Please educate yourself as much as you can with their book, and get to know how your child has it so you can help him.  This is very important.  All bipolars are affected differently.  Not all the same.  So before medicating your child. Educate. Educate. Educate.  Yourself and your family.  And if you are suggested a medication, read about it first, side affects, ask the doctor what symptoms they are looking to control, and make sure the med doesn't bring out any unnecessary symptoms that he wouldn't experience without medication.   You'll know what I mean.  Good Luck.
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Thank you this has helped she is still about 4 handfuls but its alot easier to deal with some of her tantrums

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