Do You Think A Bipolar Person Could Kill Somebody Because Of His Sickness?


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Bipolar disorder is not usually associated with homicide. Although someone with bipolar disorder could kill somebody, it wouldn't be directly because they were bipolar. Certainly, the condition is sometimes associated with having a 'shorter fuse,' but it does not affect morality.
Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a condition which involves alternating states of mania (heightened mood and elation) and depression. People with bipolar disorder usually experience several cycles per year, yet the length can very quite significantly. Medication is often used to treat the condition.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Manic Episode?

  • Less need for sleep
  • Loss of appetite
  • Easily agitated
  • Reckless behavior
  • Euphoric mood
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased activity

And What Are The Symptoms Of The Depressive Phase Of Bipolar Disorder?

The depressive phase of bipolar disorder shares most of its symptoms with clinical depression:
  • Low mood
  • Low self-esteem and little sense of self-worth
  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Lack of enjoyment from things that usually bring pleasure
  • Persistent thoughts of death and suicide
  • Trouble sleeping

Public Figures With Bipolar Disorder

  • Stephen Fry
  • Demi Lovato
  • Mel Gibson
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Emilie Autumn
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
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I'm bipolar so let me give you a firsthand EDUCATED opinion... First, how long have you known him or been together? If this is some semi-new relationship, GET OUT. Hell, get out anyway! He's really violent with you? Hello! No one should put up with that. You're afraid he might snap and hurt you? It sounds like you already have experience with that so use some common sense and GET OUT. With that said, if you've been with him for a while and you "know him" and he just has "childish temper" that you're willing to put up with, then you're probably safe. Without medication, I tended to be a bastard. But putting up with a personality like that is a FULL LOAD on YOU and you really need to question how much you love him because you HAVE to be in it for the long haul. He's not going to change over night and not over the next months to come...

Will he kill you BECAUSE he's bipolar? Anyone who tells you yes is flat out ignorant. If a person is homicidal, then they're homicidal. Bipolar may bring out their rage to a point that it happens "easier" than a "normal" homicidal person, but they won't kill BECAUSE they're bipolar. And don't get this confused with schizophrenia. Learn the difference. There are far more people sitting in prison for murder that aren't bipolar. Maybe they were on meth, maybe they were drunk, or maybe they were just thugs. Yes, some have mental health issues, but be smart and if you really think he's one of those guys, GET OUT. Once again, people do not kill BECAUSE they're bipolar. The only reason I'm writing all this on here is because you title is catchy and I hope to educate at least a few people that might stop by with this question on their mind and dispel some of the ignorance floating around about this disorder. Can we be bastards? Yes. Killers? Not BECAUSE of bipolar.

NOW... You say he's using drugs? Been there and done that! He's self medicating and it does NOTHING for his long term mental health. It's only a day to day temporary patch over his real problems. Whenever he's high OR coming down, you're not seeing the real person. And if he's not on medication, you're STILL not seeing the real person. In between episodes, you'll catch glimpses oh who he is, but not often enough to have quality time. (That is, if you want to be with HIM. Who knows what you really like about this guy or what it is you want out of a guy. Depending on you age, you might not even really know.) He has to accept is disorder and really want to face it. That means quitting the drugs, making lifestyle changes, seeing a therapist and psychiatrist and being diligent in taking his medications every day. Slipping up and taking drugs will ruin the process and only take him backwards. One more thing, finding the right medications takes time. Not many people find the right medications right off the bat so it takes a lot of patience. Sometimes many months...
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I have to tell you I don't agree; bipolar can cause someone to go against their morals and values, in fact, that is one of the symptoms of bipolar. Also, I have seen first hand how a sweet older lady, who loves God and her family went into psychosis and took a knife to her husband. Thank God she didn't strike him, he was just trying to calm her during a manic episode. She was in a paranoid state of mind brought on by the bipolar illness. Bipolar runs heavily in our family and I have seen over and over again irrationality and paranoid outbursts over and over again during manic stages. These coming from otherwise smart, kind, and loving people. If you are diagnosed with this illness please stay on your medications, I can't stress this enough. If the bipolar patient was on medication this more than likely wouldn't have happened.
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Being Bipolar is just random mood swings that in some cases involve bouts of rage. Being bipolar I can honestly say that most of us would kill ourselves before we would kill others, but not true in all cases. Here is some info on bipolar disorder...
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When I  was as a child, I was emotionally neglected, though I had food clothing and shelter. Then, I was sexually abused and assaulted.
Some family members loved me and were kind, but it was a very cold childhood.

My doctor did not say I am bipolar, but I often wonder why feel so happy and energetic then, I would feel weak and sad. Like a deflated balloon. 

I am medication for bipolarism and it has helped me stay calm. I am not violent. For example, when a relative knocked a book case over in my room, and wouldn't get the books up, I did "move those books", but didn't touch her or throw books at her. That would be wrong.

I get angry, but I let it go before sunset, then keep it moving.  If you are bipolar, you can control yourself! I do it all the time.
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Bipolar is an ongoing condition. Medication may help balance out the behavior. You didn't say whether the drugs he's taking are his medications or street drugs. He may be extreme again and in a relationship you are the one who will be there having to deal with it. What is the detox for... Alcohol, street drugs? If you're frightened I'd suggest waiting a while and if you still feel good about him and the relationship, if you want, move forward with it when he's created more balance in his life. Meanwhile, find out about the drugs in his life and the condition and what role you'll play in his life. What is the commitment you'll have to each other? If there's an addiction... Wait. No matter what, I'd say don't move forward into the relationship if it doesn't feel safe for you.
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Yes I do think they could, they have a brain disorder, And you never know what can tick them off, someone calling them up and yelling at them, to someone cutting them off on the road. Bipolar is a serious illness, and should not be taken lightly. If you or anyone you know is bipolar, get them help immediately, it's a life and death situation. They are a danger to themselves and others.
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The people I know with that sickness are very violent when ticked off. Some, not all, are also suicidal so don't play with anyone's feelings and if you think you are in danger get out of the situation.....
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Helping him would be a good idea if you love him but you also have to think about your safety. If you feel endangered you should probably tell him to get better and prove to you he can do it then when he's better get back together. Also you can see if he feels the same way about you because if he does this detox then he did it partially for you.
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It a difficult situation sister, try to talk to him in the phone and see if he is able listen to you and let him feel positive feeling. Try to remind him about the nice time that you spend together , talk to him on the phone or send him letters so when he feels depressed he needs to feel you beside him to give him some light and that's why you help him without hurting yourself.
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I have done research on bipolar disorder and learned that committing suicide or homicide is something that is a possibility but there is a chance of killing someone without having this disorder as you see many have done.
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Bipolar disorder comes from being abused mentally,physically,verbally,& emotionally. But to answer your question, yes if they are not on medication & something triggers it like whatever happened in the past to that person. You have the right to be scared, but you also have the right to educate & protect yourself about this illness if you want to help him. Better safe than sorry. My child has bipolar disorder along with adhd & manic depression because of her past with my mother, so I'm only speaking from experience. So don't be afraid of getting educated on this illness or someone may get hurt. He needs to keep a therapist & psychiatrist & also the right meds & a lot of strength! Good luck & hope everything works out for you guys. Bye!
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You do not have to be abused mentally, physically, verbally, or emotionally to be Bipolar. This is simply untrue. I am Bipolar and have been relatively stable on meds for years, and I have no history of abuse that would cause me to Bipolar....but I do agree with you that he needs to seek out medical help.
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Bi-Polar is the proper name for "Manic Depression", now. So she cannot have both, as they are both the same disease.

Abuse is not the source of either Bi-Polar Disorder or ADHD. Both are neurological conditions (and therefore medications tend to work well for these disorders), meaning that there is a chemical imbalance in the brain which causes it to "malfunction".

It sounds to me more like your daughter is much more likely to have a Conduct Disorder, such as Opostiional Defiance Disorder.
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Yes, I do believe a bipolar person could kill.  I knew a girl as I grew up that was bipolar but no one knew about it until she was in her 40's and she killed her baby girl.  She said she heard a voice say to kill the baby.  When her husband came home from work he found the baby dead but she had been bathed and beautifully dressed.  The mother got prison time but is out on good behavior.
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I think it really depends on the individual myself. I have a stepson that is bipolar and is prone to violent outbursts towards others, he did try to kill me, his dad and my oldest son a few times. I do not believe that it comes from abuse of any form considering he was never abused in any way.

Yes there is medication for it but it does not always work. The one thing that I found with my stepson is that it does not take much to set him off into a violent rage. I myself would not stick around and you do not want to get involved to a point that you get pregnant, it can be passed on in the genes.

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