Itching Allover No Rash And Also Unexplained Bruising At Legs, Can You Help?


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If these are the only symptoms that you are displaying and if you have a pet in your house then it may be fleas, perhaps from sitting down on infected furniture or a bed. The only way that you are going to know for sure is to pay a visit to your Doctor as soon as you can so that they can examine you, give you a proper diagnosis and then prescribe something to treat it.

Symptoms of fleas will usually occur within a few hours of contact. Symptoms can include a rash, popular, a skin rash or lesion located on the armpit or a join such as an elbow, knee or ankle. The area of your rash will gradually increase and spread with time so the longer that it is left untreated then the more discomfort you will be in. Fleas can also become settled into human hair within ten minutes and they will the cause itching, soreness and a general discomfort. The itching that you get from flea bites can usually be treated with anti-itch creams usually hydrocortisone or antihistamines. For an alternative approach, calamine lotion has also been found to relieve itching and soreness.

If you discover that your pet has fleas, then chances are that they have already found their way into your carpets, beds and furniture. So what you need to do is to vacuum your house thoroughly from top to bottom, even your furniture. Then wash everything, you bedding and even the curtains and furniture if you can manage it. If not then there are special powders that you can buy that you sprinkle all over your furniture and curtains, leave in for a day or so or however long it says on the instructions and then vacuum it all off. This will not only kill any remaining fleas left alive after your first vacuum, it will also kill any eggs that they have laid. Make sure to tie the vacuum cleaner bag tightly and take it outside immediately so that any ones left alive do not escape.

In order to prevent fleas from returning to your home, speak to your vet about treatments for pets. And it you think that you may have been affected by fleas, then visit your Doctor who will be able to give you more advice.

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