Can Unexplained Bruises In Leg And Toe Be Signs Of Blood Clots?


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Blood clots occur in the arteries and veins and prevent blood from returning to the heart or other parts of the body. Blood clots most commonly occur in the arms or legs. The most common symptoms include; swelling in or around the affected area; warmth to the touch; gradual onset of pain in the arms or legs, which can get worse when bending the foot and at night. Sometimes, the skin can discolour and look slightly blu-ish or white which may blotch and resemble bruises; it is therefore important that you get any unexplained bruising checked out by your GP.

It is possible that you may be taking a medication which would make you more susceptible to bruising, in which case you may bruise after a trauma that you didn’t even notice. Such medications/supplements can include aspirin, fish oils, Gingko and ginger. There are other factors which may make you bruise easier, including liver problems, pregnancy, age (capillaries become thinner and therefore more easily damaged) and diseases which affect platelets. Due to the number of possible causes of such marks on the skin, it is always advisable to seek medical advice

There are many different factors which could increase the risk of a person developing a blood clot, these include; prolonged immobility, age, pregnancy, smoking, hormone therapy, taking birth control pills and inherent blood clotting problems. You can minimise the risk of developing a blood clot by general healthy lifestyle; for example, quitting smoking, regular exercise and healthy eating. Long-haul flights are one of the most overlook risk factors. When taking long-haul flights you should wear special flight socks, take regular walks around the aeroplane and frequently move the feet when sitting. These movements will help keep the blood in the legs moving and will help pump it back towards the heart.
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Bruises are not clots and they do not cause clots, bruises are blood that has leaked out of a broken blood vessel. Please check out webmd, they have a lot of information about bruises. Some of the information is pretty scary, so please go to your doctor right away..It could be a sign of Lupis, or liver problems and so on, and I really don't like the sound of your toe being itchy....
Good luck and I hope this helps you
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It can be a serious thing. Go check with your doctor, if bruising pops upout of nowhere, then it can be leukemia or it can be blood clots which are dangerous.
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Yes they can do they hurt? You may need to go see a dr about this. Blood clots can be very dangerous
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My left foot is tingly when I wake up,and now I have a large unexplained bruise behind my knee,could these be related and should I be concerned?

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