My blood test came back negative for diabieties but I have dry mouth and frequent urination at night i dont know what else to do?


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Heather has given you very good advice here.
  Do you eat a lot of salt based foods such as pickles, salted nuts, crackers, etc.? If so, your body may not be able to break down all the salt which could cause dry moth and frequent urination, but there could be a number of reasons you are having this problem. If it persists, suggest you go ahead and get a check up from a doctor because anything else would just be an educated guess.
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Do you take any medications?  Some meds will cause extreme dry mouth.  Wilamina above suggested you might have " mono", that's short for mononucleosis.  I do not know why she would suggest that.  Your symptoms don't  suggest mono by themselves.
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Just because you cleared a blood test does not mean you are not diabetic or should I say may need a another test .
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Try don't drinking before bed and also try to keep a glass of water by your bed also check with your doc you may have mono

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