Dry Mouth & Frequent Night Time Urination, Are These Signs Of Diabetes?


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When diabetes is noted during the early stages, it becomes possible to live healthy and get the disease under control. In order to ensure that you get the opportunity to meet this end, it is deemed important to learn more about some of the symptoms that indicate you are diabetic.

Some of the most common signs that cause a lot of concern among people include dry mouth & amp; frequent night urination. Should these symptoms be used to determine whether one if diabetic or not? For starters, when you notice the urge to urinate frequently, you first instinct should not be panicking.

This is because there are several other factors that might lead to frequent urination such as an increase in the urine level, voiding dysfunction such as infection of the urinary tract and prostrate cancer among others. It could also be as a result of urinary incontinence in men, women and the elderly. For more information on these aspects, you should visit

While this is the case, you should note that frequent night time urination can also be used as a sign of diabetes.  This is because with diabetes, you get the urge to drink lots due to increased thirst and this leads to frequent urination.

Dry mouth & amp is also known as another major symptom for diabetes and while it could also be used to indicate another type of sickness, it is more accurate. Whenever most people get these symptoms, the first thing that comes to mind is panic but this should not be the case.

It is for all these reasons and due to the fact that dry mouth & amp as well as frequent urination can not be used as a clear indication of diabetes that it is important to consult with your doctor before drawing any conclusions. This is important and it ensures that you don’t make any assumptions that could only serve to complicate the condition.
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You need to see your gp he will arrange the right tests for you if he is thinking diabetes too he will make sure the medication is suitable for you the sooner you get your appointment the faster you will receive the right help though good luck
My husband had the same symptoms and yes he was diagnosed he is a diabetic but you should call and make an appointment with your doctor so you can start treating it now before it does any damage to your body if you are diabetic.
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Dry mouth & frequent night time urination

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