What is subcortical white matter? I don't have ms or any other disease. However, i do I left side muscle weakness


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The material known as subcortical white matter is found in the human brain, and it is related to the brain's nerves, which are coated in a substance known as myelin, or subcortical white matter. This substance protects the nerves so that they can transmit messages to the rest of the body. The nerves in the brain are insulated by subcortical white matter that helps the nerves to control the body's systems. Proper perception, muscle control, and balance will all depend on the health of the nerves and their special coating.

Subcortical White Matter and Multiple Sclerosis

• MS, or multiple sclerosis, can result in the disintegration of normal, healthy white matter that sheaths the nerves in the brain.
• Sometimes, lesions may be found on subcortical white matter in the brain's nerve endings - normally, a skilled doctor will recognize these legions from MRI images of the brain's various sections.
• The process of disintegrating nerve sheaths, as it relates to Multiple Sclerosis, is known as de-myelinating.

The presence of subcortical white matter lesions on the brain's nerves may not necessarily mean that a man, woman, or child is stricken with MS (multiple sclerosis); a doctor will need to combine diagnostic MRI test analysis with an overall examination of a person's health and well-being. A formal diagnosis of MS will take some time, and it will involve more than evidence of white matter lesions. However, these lesions are often present in people suffering from this degenerative muscle disease. 

Getting excellent medical care should be priority one if MS is suspected; nowadays, there are many treatments and experimental drugs and therapies used to alleviate the stress, pain, and fatigue associated with the disorder known as multiple sclerosis. There are also many helpful message boards and websites that offer practical advice, comradeship, and help to people who struggle with managing multiple sclerosis.

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