My Legs Hurt And Feel Weak When I Stand Or Walk. I Also Have Trouble When I First Stand Up, Getting My Balance And Moving Because Of This Pain. Is This Common In MS?


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Leg pain definitely is a common symptom or complaint for people with MS, but any persistent leg pain should be checked out by your doctor. It’s too easy sometimes for people to assume that because they have a particular condition, every ache and pain that they have is related to this condition. Therefore, to be on the safe side, a visit to the doctor should be on the cards.

People with Multiple Sclerosis often suffer pain, and the source can be a number of things: Nerves; muscle; bone or spasticity. This makes treating pain sometimes difficult, but there are ways to help manage it. The first step is to talk to the doctor, to determine what is causing the pain, and then to decide what is the best way of tackling it.

The medications usually prescribed for nerve pain are anti-convulsants and anti-depressants. There are anti-spasticity drugs available, too, but muscle pain usually needs to be treated with physical therapy.

Often, learning about what movements trigger what pain can be a useful thing to do, so a consultation with a physiotherapist can often help because they may be able to suggest ways to alleviate such pain.

Sometimes aids like brace or a walking stick are helpful for pain management, and it is always worth asking about alternative therapies like hypnosis and meditation. Discussion boards where you can talk to other MS sufferers can be exceptionally useful when looking for advice, and there are plenty of charities that are committed to offering specialist support and guidance on how to improve your condition and quality of life.
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The MS is a neurological disorder in which the myelin sheath of neuron is lost due to unknown reasons. As a result of this, sensory and motor neurons are unable to carry their messages. This causes disability. The pain in the leg with difficulty in walking  and problems of balance can be due to many reasons. The MS is one of them. For more details. Visit MS
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Sounds like possibly neuropathy, probably has to do with the MS.  Talk to your neuro.  Ask about maybe doing some sol

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