My Husband Has Chronic Hepatocellular Disease, Is That A Type Of Cancer?


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Hepatocellular Disease, also known as Wilson's disease is a rare and inherited disorder of copper metabolism in which copper accumulates slowly in the liver and is then released and taken up in other parts of the body.Hemolysis, then Hemolytic anemias  occur as the copper accumulates  in the red blood cells. Accumulation in the brain destroys certain tissue, and may cause tremors, muscle rigidity , dysarthria(difficult , poorly articulated speech,) and Dementia. Kidney function is diminished; the liver becomes cirrhotic. Treatment of Wilson's disease includes a reduction of copper in the diet and the prescription of copper binding agents and penicillamine. This disease is not considered a form of cancer. Given the information I have this appears to be the condition your husband has.  You need to check with your doctor for verification. People are different in their responses to disease.  Your huusband may have some or all of the symptoms. Again as this is a serious situation, you should check with your doctor, and don't be afraid to ask questions.  God Speed!
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Hepatocellular disease is a very broad term, it could range from hepatitis to to liver cancer, or to Wilson's disease, as mentioned above.

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