A Surgeron Recently Took A Biospy Of My Sister's Lungs. He Said It Was Not Cancer But There Was A Lot Of Webbing In Both Lungs. He Took Two Nodgles Off The Lung. He Said He Did Not Know What It Was A Sent Off Biopsy And Said It Would Take 4-6 Weeks?


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From the sounds of this question, you have yet to receive the biopsy, despite it having passed the amount of time that the doctor allocated for the results to return. Due to the vast amount of people that have to have tests and therefore, results, sometimes hospitals can get a bit behind with their records and sending your tests back to you. It must be incredibly stressful at a time like this to have to wait for results and the long wait must not help your anxiety, so there are things you can do to ensure that you get your test results for your sister soon.

Call up the hospital where she had her biopsy and enquire as to whether or not the results have been sent off from the hospital to her home yet. They will be able to check her records to find out this information. Unfortunately, they will not be able to give you any information about the test results over the phone due to confidentiality risks, so if you wish to find out straight away and the time given has definitely passed, you can visit the hospital with your sister and ask to speak to a doctor who knows the results.

Be sure to get this sorted as soon as possible, as results may have gotten lost in the post or administration issues may have resulted in the test results being lost or even confused with another patient's results. You should be able to get your results immediately, however, if you visit the hospital personally. You can't get the results without the presence of your sister though, she will need to go to the hospital with you and ask for her results.

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