What Kind Of Doctor Do I Need To See For Severe Night Leg Cramps?


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I just answered this for another asker on the site. If the doctor prescribed this for you, I would go and talk to the doctor again. Drink plenty of water, and like I told the other asker, drink plenty of water.
Most people don't know that lack of potassium can cause cramping. Eat a banana, or oranges, potatoes, or orange juice. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Could be something call peripheral artery disease (PAD)/atherosclerosis.  I would notify your doctor and he can do tests to see if you do have this.  Treatment varies depending on severity.  If the PAD is severe, you would see a vascular surgeon.  If not, lifestyle changes and medications may help, but again that starts with your doctor.

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Just go to the hospital first and see what is up. May be you are do to much of something. Hope you feel better.
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Well really its up to your own doctor to refer you to see the right consultant here go back an explain take it from there as soon as don't struggle unnecessary
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Orthopedic Surgeons specialize in the muscular and skeletal system so they would be the kind to see. But before you go to one of these doctors, check with your regular doctor, if you have not!
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You have not mentioned that for which problem you are using neurontin as it can be used in 2-3 conditions. The neurontin have long list of side effects like one of the is skeletal muscles problems including arthritis, bursitis, joint pain and inflammations and osteoporosis. So your problems can be due to neurontin. Contact to the doctor which has prescribed this drug to you.
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Your family dr can decide if its something to worry about try eating more bananas that can help there are several streches you can also do  stand against the wall and lift your toes forward when you start to get a dramp do the same thing if they don't help then give your dr a call
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Bananas and water don't help!  Sorry and neither do General Practitioners.  All Calm is the answer, I'm a fellow sufferer and I've tried it all.  My girlfriend found this online and I've used it since. From Canada, amazing.

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