What Is Treatment For Someone With Double Pneumonia & MRSA Staph Infection?


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The pneumonia is the infection of lungs caused by virus or bacteria. In this infection the lungs tissue are filled by pus and fluid making the breathing. The symptoms includes difficulty in breathing, chills, fever, cough, chest pain, vomiting and wheezing. Usually pneumonia is caused by virus and is less dangerous but bacterial pneumonia can be fatal if not treated on time. Usually streptococcus  pneumoniae is responsible foe bacterial pneumonia. The MRSA can also caused community  acquired pneumonia. This require hospitalization for treatment.  If both the lungs are affected by pneumonia the it is called DOUBLE PNEUMONIA.
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You did not mention  this person was in the hospital.  If she is and both of the diagnosis are still being treated, I would think other than oxygen, antibiotics, breathing treatments, and monitored fluids, they would not only have her in isolation, but reverse isolution. Both lungs are involved and it is harder when the body holds staph. Yes this can severely damage the lungs, and can be fatal. There are many illiness we consider as minor but believe me, any abnormal  changes in the body can trigger another problem. This is why it is  important to listen to our bodies, write down times, symptoms, severity of the ailment. You never want to wait until a cure is not likely. When you do go to the doctor or hospital these are some of the questions they will ask and if you are so ill that you cannot remember , you will have it written down.  This is especially important if you have had similiar illnesses in the past.

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