What Are The Signs Of Mercer Virus In The Nose?


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Unfortunately, there are no signs of Mercer Virus in the nose but that is certainly the number one place that it is found.

Mercer Virus, more commonly known as MRSA, which is short for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is very infectious as everyone knows, but few people realise that there are two strains of this.

The first is the one we hear of all the time because it is the cause of hospitals having to close wards, etc. However, there is another community strain which is found  in places where there are lots of people and possibly poor hygiene - so gyms, schools, barracks, etc.

The most common place that staph (Staphylococcus aureus) is found is in the nose and strangely enough the majority of us carry this 'sometimes'. Around 20% never carry it at all, and the same amount have it all the time, yet there is no way to tell until it starts to multiply.

However, when it does it will show as a red, irritated bump, rather like a spider bite. If you see something like that, get a healthcare professional to check it as soon as possible. It might be nothing but better safe than sorry.

So the best way to keep Staph at bay is good hygiene

  • Clean hands properly
  • If you have a cut, wash and cover it
  • Try to avoid contact other people's wounds and don't share towels with other people.
  • Staph can get into the body via your hair follicles, so it is vital to bathe daily and wash armpits, groin, arms and legs.

I hope that helps a little, it's always a good idea to keep clean hands and general hygiene and I know the majority of us do that so hopefully we have nothing to worry about!

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