How Do You Get Mercer?


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Firstly, there is no such thing as 'Mercer', it is in fact called MRSA. Due to its frequent mispronunciation, some people have begun to believe it is called Mercer.

MRSA is a form of bacteria and so it is very easily spread between people and objects. It can be contracted in the following ways:

  • Through body fluids of someone carrying the infection
  • Through cuts, scratches and open wounds
  • Touching surfaces such as door handles, banisters and toilets

It is very difficult to avoid catching MRSA if you come into contact with a sufferer since, as you can see, there are many ways of contracting it.

The best thing to do to aid your defense is to wash your hands regularly and especially before eating any food with your fingers. You should also cover up any cuts you may have with a band aid and make sure the wound is clean.

You will find that MRSA is usually contracted when in hospital; it has been called the 'hospital super bug' in the past. People have gone into hospital with something completely unrelated and ended up catching the MRSA virus. This is down to the fact that most patients in hospital have a weaker immune system due to being unwell. They cannot fight off the bateria as well as a healthy person may be able to.

If you are worried you may have caught MRSA or would like more information about it, then it is a good idea to book an appointment with your doctor or head down to the doctors surgery to pick up an information leaflet.

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