I feel so empty inside. I feel as if life is meaningless and there's no point in life. I keep pushing my friends away and isolate myself all the time. Lately i hate being around most people. I feel so depressed. How do i get rid of this feeling?


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We r a whole Blurtit family ,right? We r there for you always. I agree with Arthur. I think that your mom don't understand how it is for you! Try to make her understand. Don't makeu feel that your responsible for everything. That will make the worse of the situation. I think that I helped?
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I actually felt the same, last year. My only friend was this guy. He was funny and always did something to cheer me up. I only laughed around him and smiled around him. Everyone was surprised cause I never did this. I always pushed everyone away, and never really had friends. I always sat in the corner looking at a book, and everyone else just doing theyre thing. Once, he was sitting alone, so he joined me and we both talked about anime, but mostly naruto XD (I can see your profile is itachi. Nice!) Just because of him, I became more open to others and made new friends in grade 9. I don't no why I acted that way. Probably cause I was shy and felt alittle longly in life.
I still feel the same, but not much. Maybe a friend will take away your pain. Good luck :)
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Sammantha Bilgere
Omg thats my exact situation! Thanks! How would i go about making friends though?
Tannis Mitchell
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Maybe go and slowly approch someone. First say hi, when they say hi back, say how was your day today? And then take it off there. I no, you'll probably feel shy, so probably go to the bathroom and slap your face, but not hard. Gather up the courage to talk to them and approch them. Take everything away from your mind that will take you back where you started. Like, "Okay, you can do this! I WILL talk to this person!!" Good luck :)
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Go see a counselor and seek help. You need it and maybe write in a diary about your thoughts just to get them out. You have friends here on BlurtIt that are willing to help you.
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Right now youre beyond me or at least on here as youre bordering on suicidal depression , sorry, so you need to seek professional medical attention immediately that with the help of counseing and meds can bring you back from this edge and give you your life back and meaning again if thats what you want

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