What are the signs and symptoms of muscular atrophy? Are there any treatments?


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Weakness in the muscles is one of the most common symptoms of muscular atrophy; this sort of weakness may stem from a deterioration, or shrinkage, of muscle tissue. Some diseases, such as muscular dystrophy or muscular sclerosis, will feature the painful degeneration of vital muscles tissue.

  • A doctor's care may be required

Sometimes, when an underlying disease is not the cause of muscular atrophy, exercise or formal physiotherapy may be used to strengthen and revive the muscles. However, medical care should be sought out if the symptoms of muscle atrophy are present, in order to rule out any serious health problems.

  • Muscle atrophy facts

Muscles must be used to stay healthy and strong; in our society, people often spend too much time glued to the Internet, or chained to their desks. Sometimes, this kind of sedentary lifestyle can take its toll, resulting in weight gain, poor circulation, and muscle atrophy. Certain forms of gentle exercise, such as Hatha Yoga, may be used to regenerate the body and promote feelings of overall health, serenity and well-being. Swimming is also a gentle way to strengthen weak muscles, as the buoyant nature of water makes it an efficient "cushion" that helps to guard against muscle injuries. Swimming is relaxing and a very effective way to fight the symptoms and side effects of muscle atrophy. If muscle atrophy exists alongside another disease, a doctor should OK a fitness regimen for a patient, before he or she starts an exercise program.

Learning more about muscle atrophy is possible, if people who want this knowledge seek out medical textbooks, online tutorials, and websites that deal with the realities of muscle atrophy, as well as its possible underlying causes. Treating muscle atrophy will be easier if a person sees a qualified general physician who can prescribe medication and plan a course of treatment.

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