What Is Hematosis And How Can It Be Cured?


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Hematosis is a medical condition defined by the changing of chyle (free fatty acids) into blood. It can also be explained as the arterialization of blood in the lung organs. Sometimes, hematosis is also known as haematogenesis. 

This condition is believed to have a genetic origin; for this reason, it's important to understand your family's medical history when you start to seek out treatment for hematosis. You won't be able to use any home remedies to cure your disorder - hematosis is a serious medical condition that requires expert testing from trained medical professionals. 

In order to get results or a cure, you must go to the doctor and explain that you want to eradicate hematosis in your blood. The doctor will prescribe a course of treatment that is individual and tailored to your specific medical history and needs. Medications will be chosen that help to ameliorate the presence of arterialization in your blood. Blood test or other forms of diagnostic tests may be ordered to confirm the existence of hematosis.

Potassium chloride may be a useful treatment for this disorder, as it assists with strengthening the heart and regulating blood function. However, you should never embark on a course of treatment without being supervised by a medical doctor. Disorders such as hematosis can only be understood and treated after years of medical school, internships, and residencies; that's why you need to find a great doctor you can trust, if you know or suspect that you suffer from hematosis. 
Following a healthy diet, staying properly hydrated, and exercising regularly can also help to control the ill effects of suffering from this disease; however, dietary changes and other lifestyle adjustments cannot cure hematosis. Only specialized medical care can bring hope and better health to people who have this blood disorder, so making an appointment with a medical doctor and relating your concerns should be your first priority as you seek out a cure for hematosis.
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Probably they meant hemochromatosis, which is a genetic disorder which leads to a build-up of iron in the body.
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Hematosis is the formation of blood cells in the body. I think you may have gotten the name of your condition wrong for you certainly don't want hematosis cured! If you did, you wouldn't have any blood! 

As far as "genetic strain" goes, anything genetic is literally "in your genes" and your genes cannot be removed. Genetic problems, anomolies, deletions etc, cannot be "cured". 
The symptoms that go along with genetic disorders can be managed through treatment, if such treatment is available and advised by your doctor. 
I suggest you speak with your doctor and get him to fully explain what he has diagnosed.
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This would most likely mean a rupture or injury to the liver. Be careful what you consume as alcohol may cause permanent damage.

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