What About Abominal/pelvic Bone Pain And Fluid Retention/bloating - Are Those Fibromyalgia Symptoms?


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Hi! I have had Fibromyalgia since 1990. I have a lot of fluid retention and bloating. After I eat my pants that fit fine when I put them on are so tight after eating. It doesn't matter how much or how little I eat. I also get a lot of pelvic pain. Good Luck!!
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How often do you have bloating and pelvic pain...does it come and go? It's very frustrating for me because I think I could have other things going on and it concerns me. But I have had myself checked out before. What do you do for treatment? I diagnosed myself several years ago when the doctors couldn't find a thing and after getting one of the books on fibro I discovered the trigger points on my body which I didn't know at the time why they were so painful. Any info is helpful. Thanks.
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Have either of you had children? My fibro started after my son and I too get a lot of pelvic pain... Not sure why, but wondering if maybe that might spark an "oh yeah..."

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